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We Got Mail!

We got a little love from listener Josh Kline this week. He took the time to write us an informal review of the podcast. I think he hit it pretty dead on, what do you think?


A Tolerably Nauseating Podcast Review
By T’eft Co
“Better Get T’eft Co, you better”

I had heard about it. I’ve poked around a little. My friends claim they knew where it was. In what I thought may be an abyss of an empty hole, I found glory. I indeed successfully found the G-Spot of the Internet, the Tolerable Nausea Podcast.

On August 2, 2013 Eric Morris gathered his group of deplorable friends to hang out, pound booze (most of them), and talk about dicks. Yes there may be some fleeting discussions of cultural dynamics and interstellar discoveries, but it seems to always funnel back to phallic infatuations and tits… of course. While the episodes appear to be structured, many times the guys come into the discussions having not researched anything. Usually someone has a topic to kick off or a little research done and they are the savior of that week. This may seem to be chaos, but some of the best episodes come from no previous research.

Eric appears to be the mastermind of Tolerable Nausea, but he has plenty of help. Russell Kennedy enhances with incredible insight and personally detailed stories. Toby Hayden explores how each topic has a connection to a woman’s mammary glands while adding a quiet dose of humor. Woody has the stoic poise of a professional while providing incredible insight and research skills. The guys are occasionally joined by guests to impart their opinions, but typically stay even more reserved than Woody.

Eric is like the coach, but more so the instigator. He loves to start topics and have everyone else answer personal questions, hoping quietly that everyone forgets to have him share his answer. Russ is the main ball handler, either by a strong pass from one of the guys or lobbing a pass to himself. Either way, he typically regrets going into details. But, we’re always glad that he does. Toby hangs out on the wings waiting for the perfect time to strike with his on-point comedy. This is typically where the podcast titles come from. And Woody works the baseline waiting for a sloppy rebound. He keeps his team from falling too far apart.

The guys have discussed so very much, but I’m fascinated by what they have exposed. For example, they have found correlations between gun control and the rise of phallic related assaults in the UK. This is typically discussed in regular additions of the segment “Dick News.” Which is humorous as many episodes break away from penis talk to discuss dick news. They have developed their segments adding Current Events and the Douche Bag of the week. D-bag of the week turned into a segment of a battle between to bags. This is not always featured.

Tolerable Nausea is not for the faint of heart. It is about as Mature of content as you can get. Highly sexually explicate material and incredibly mature language deems this podcast to be restricted to only the most fucked of minds. But, it’s become an amazing break away from the new norms of regular life. Episodes run roughly an hour to an hour and 15 minutes and occasionally longer. But, you’ll know the episode is almost done just by listening to the increasing intoxication of Mr. Morris. When he’s struggling to talk, it’s almost over.

If you strip away the booze, the cocks, the language, the tits, the dreadful topics, and lack of structure you have a somewhat bland podcast. It may be more marketable, but less original for sure. The most enjoyable aspect of this podcast is the intimate snapshot of a group of friends. I’ve found myself laughing aloud and sharing in the tribulations of some stories that have been told. They live in a small Midwest community and they have shared their friendships with the world, and that’s pretty fucking cool.

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