Tolerable Nausea 074: CSI: Stolen Testicle Division

In this episode of Tolerable Nausea the guys sit down with Toby’s girlfriend, Christina, and talk about movies, food and pedophiles. Listen in as the group discusses vampires, turn-ons, coin spiders and boner detectors. Christina reviews a sexy new movie release for the guys. Toby pitches yet another show idea to Fox. Woody doesn’t believe in a man’s business plan. Russell unleashes the fury on test message abbreviations. And Eric fears the wrath of two ‘90s icons.

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  1. Casey says:

    I feel like it’s been forever since you guys have gotten comments. I like that you’re doing live streaming now- even though this past week was the first chance I’ve gotten to see the cast live, I think it makes it a lot easier and more fun to interact with the show other than just flat-out being on the podcast. If you guys ever happen to find yourselves in Kearney with your recording equipment in tow, I’ve got a couch and some beers with your names on them.

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