Tolerable Nausea 059: Sexy, Sultry Tones

In this episode of Tolerable Nausea the guys take some serious subjects head on, and accomplish nothing. Listen in as the guys discuss gay rights, cops crossing the line, and being labeled. Then find out how the guys react to being cheated on. Russell considers new fuel possibilities. Toby puts on his sexy voice. Woody demands the rules of tipping at restaurants. And Eric looks at the future of elective surgeries.

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  1. Casey says:

    I’m sure I’m gonna draw a bit of flak on this comment here, but I’m glad you guys finally took on the marriage equality issue head-on.
    I am a HUGE proponent of marriage equality. Granted, I’m probably a little bit biased, based on the fact that I have family who is gay and married in the state of Iowa. My wife and I are the godparents of their adopted baby, and they are pregnant with a donor’s seed, so they get a chance to have one of their own. That said, I’m absolutely fed up with the people that seem to think other people getting married affect them in ANY WAY. If my marriage doesn’t affect their life in any way, why should a gay couples’ marriage affect them? The ones that attribute biblical reasons are the worst of it. The only verse that addresses homosexuality (and, technically, even THAT was a translation error) occurs in the old testament, and specifically, Leviticus. That’s the same book that says you can’t eat any shellfish (shrimp), you can’t wear any clothing that’s a blend of any two fabrics (basically any clothing that isn’t a 100% cotton shirt), you have to banish women whilst they’re on their periods, and have to destroy any and all furniture they so much as sit on while they’re bleeding, and cutting your beard or hair is an unforgivable sin. Fortunately, Jesus’ death forgives all of those except for the homosexuality thing apparently.
    If you believe that God’s word is law when he said gay marriage is a sin (roughly, Lev. 18:22), but NOT that
    Divorced people can’t remarry (Mark 10:8-11),
    Rapists can marry their victims (Deut. 22:28-29),
    Siblings can marry (Gen. 20:12),
    or that polygamy is acceptable (1st Kings 11:3), then you seriously need to just kill yourself and rid the world of your childishness.

    Sorry, that topic seriously gets me worked up to no end.

    Standard gratuity is, I believe, now 18% unless it’s a large group. Since minimum wage went up from $6.50, when it was 15%, they say 18% is the way to go.

    People that are rude to fast food workers are the worst kind of people. I get it, the work isn’t that hard, but mistakes happen. I don’t go to YOUR work and flip the hell out on YOU when you make a mistake. “God, what an asshole, you make $35k a year and all you have to do is file my paperwork and you can’t even get THAT right? Jesus!”

    Can you imagine how much of a badass the kooky guy who got his fence destroyed felt? “Yeah, the cops had to bring in the Panzer and the Swat van to bring me down. I think they’re afraid of me.”

    In a cheating situation… Hm. I dunno, I found out during midterms, on my birthday. That kinda sucked. I handled it like a bit of a puss, though. Got myself stuck on painkillers for a while, and it was pretty pathetic.

    • Russ says:

      If gay marriage “offends” you, you’re an asshole. But, by the same token if public prayer “offends” you, you’re an asshole too. There are people on both sides of the whole “is there a god?” issue that irritate me. As long as no one tries to force me to pray while marrying a man I have no issue with either activity. And even then it wouldn’t be the activity, but the person trying to force said activity on me that I would have the issue with. Both should be allowed, but never forced. The prayer thing really bothers me as I do not pray because I don’t believe it does ME any good. But, I acknowledge that it helps the people who believe find peace. If anything, I’m a little jealous. Do what makes you happy as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. Live and let live. Love the post, Casey. Thank you for listening. As long as I know that one person besides the four of us listened, it seems worth it. :)

    • Russ says:

      I work at a newspaper and an example of what you were talking about would be misspellings in headlines. It happens, makes us look pretty silly, and usually brings the type of feedback you were referring to. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” right? I don’t believe all the stories in the bible, but there are a few little lessons that can be beneficial.

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