Tolerable Nausea 058: Behind The Scenes

The guys take a week off in this week’s episode of Tolerable Nausea, so this week you get all the behind the scene conversations that didn’t quite make it into the podcast. Listen in as they talk about fat shaming, lost lumberjacks and the secret lives of action stars. Russell learns what not to mix with alcohol. Toby gives us some facts about Benjamin Franklin. And Eric wants to learn how to get a sugar daddy.

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  1. Aleece says:

    Fucking funny random shit.

    I have a disorder that makes it extremely hard to lose weight. So I try not to fat shame. However I have found myself talking shit about those who are just obscenely overweight.

    My husband had a buddy who passed out and was coated in permanent marker. dicks tits and Idk what else but he had to go to his college classes like that the next day.

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