Tolerable Nausea 056: An Introspective Hype Man

In this episode of Tolerable Nausea it’s an all guy crew once again, and they have no clue how the female body works. Listen in as the guys discuss Kent State, the dangers of donating to a sperm bank and their favorite categories on You Porn. Russell’s stomach gets a little queasy. Toby educates the guys with a list of facts. Eric paints a disturbing word picture. And Woody believes that every animal deserves a chance.

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  1. Russ says:

    It was even lazier than that. We used a “trojan horse” style deception to convince the egg to open the membrane for us. Then I betrayed my brothers and sisters and claimed the glory for myself. Survival of the fittest bitches, Darwinism at work.

    Suicide, my next big “adventure”. I have too much empathy for those who would be affected to ever do it. But won’t hesitate to admit that I’ve considered it.

    If circumcision was originally meant to prevent infection from lack of penile hygiene, wasn’t infection from the procedure an issue?

  2. Aleece says:

    Women are borne with a set number of eggs. The egg is not viable once you have your period because they are only viable for 3-5 days after it is released. They have medicine that will allow you to release multiple eggs.

  3. Casey says:

    Technically, Russ wouldn’t have been the first sperm there. It takes a combined group effort to bring down the membrane protecting the egg, so technically, Russ would have been the one that waited for everyone else to do all the hard work and then capitalized off it.

    It’s okay though. We all did that.

    I’m a registered organ donor, but when my wife applied for her new license, she did bring up an interesting point. She didn’t check that box, saying that she was pretty sure if she was in some kind of horrible accident, the responding EMS people may not be quite as adamant about saving her life knowing her organs could save more lives.

    I am pretty sure I predicted the future. I called the viking funeral pyre ship well before this was posted!

    Hehe. “Not good when your hype man wants to kill himself.” Yea yea SUICIDE! Let’s DO THIS!

    Go figure, the states that hate gay rights are the ones that watch gay porn most.

    I’m all for talking dirty, but there’s no reason to just be downright foul about it.

    No homo.

    “Ooh, this was a great porn clip, but you know who would really like to see this? My family and friends! I better facebook this one!” I’m just floored that some sites actually have a facebook connect option.

    A sign to hang on the door to keep people out while you’re jerking? Hmm… I’m so introverted, I’d leave the sign on for hours just to get some me time.

    Actually, there’s something called a “swizzle stick.” It’s a drink or coffee stirrer, crafted from penis bones from various animals. Found one in a gift store in Maine from a raccoon dong. Poor bastard.

    Originally, circumcision caught on to keep it from getting infected. Because of the folds and extra skin, it caught extra dirt and grime, which could easily be fixed if our ancestors would have washed the darn thing.

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