Tolerable Nausea 055: There’s A Make Out Room?

In this episode of Tolerable Nausea the guys are all over the map. Listen in as the crew discusses girls that are playing hard to get, positive qualities of a gynecologist, pedophiles, and then reminisce about visits to the strip club. Russell has another beef with the music industry. Toby thinks that a certain profession should be held accountable to the Better Business Bureau. Woody reports on a lap dance gone wrong. And Eric can’t figure out where babies come from.

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  1. Aleece says:

    some babies barely move or they can be positioned where they can’t be felt and some women don’t gain weight. So some could have issues knowing that they are pregnant. Yet full term pregnancy makes me question.
    I had woody to look up to and he was 14 when I was borne, so that shows you how mature my role model was.

  2. Casey says:

    Peer pressured. 😛
    T-t,t-t, t-t, t-t, t, t, TWAT NEWS.

    Although, instead of d-bag of the week, if it isn’t a contest, it should just be “Twunt of the week.”

    Pregnancies can actually very rarely occur beneath the ribcage, so it may not necessarily show. Still, you’d probably notice some changes with your body anyway…

    Venerated carries synonyms such as revered, regarded highly, worshiped, hallowed, held sacred, exalted, vaunted, adored, honored, respected, esteemed.

    My headphones just exploded. Thanks, Eric!

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