Tolerable Nausea 052: Family Values

In this episode of Tolerable Nausea Eric brings Toby to do a podcast with his family. Listen in as Brent, Shauna and Meghan lose their podcasting virginities and enlighten the world on sexy encounters, airplane etiquette and the mysterious Ghost Poop. Brent considers a codename. Shauna denies accusations concerning a shoe. Toby does a little grooming. Eric invents a new rank in the military. And Meghan gets choked. Enjoy.

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  1. JP says:

    Hi Eric’s Family and Toby!

    Hey, some people order panties in the mail and love the ripe, crunchy panties! Russel carries the conversations with dicks a-plenty.

    You gotta fuck up real bad to disgrace ICP. Juggalo handshake, hmmm. Juggaho lol that was awesome. I think based on the definition of a gang, they could technically be defined as one. Their music is quite funny, but their following is just awful, very stereotyped, but there are few that break the stereotype.

    I haven’t tricked yet, I usually know before-hand that the person is trans or a crossdresser, but if I had not have known then I would have been tricked. You don’t just peek over at another guy in the urinal, thats not cool.

    If you are curious about penis in your mouth or anus, you are no longer straight. Burly lesbians scare the shit out of me, they could kick my ass and then put a finger in my butt before I could say anything.

    I love eating habanero wings right before a long drive home, I do it everytime I come home from Omaha. A very big stretch, but I sorta get it. Could just be one huge kid instead of a bunch of kids. Haha pull off. That would be the dream for an 18 boy, especially if she was good looking. They won’t know the point is before the 0 before it’s too late, they can’t say no after that.

    If they like choking, then they have loads more! The texas chili bowl is a big one. I’ve done that once, start to shave something, then you can’t stop and it is a struggle to keep at it so you don’t look all goofy. I can’t say I have every cut my nutsack, but I can imagine it never stops bleeding.

    Never been heel kicked, but I have been punched before lots of times, elbows to the face as well quite often. Same thing happens to me, except I’m the farter in that situation 90% of the time. One time in highschool, I sneezed while I was holding in a fart, and the sneeze forced the fart out so hard that I think it broke skin, hurt so bad. Those school chairs reverberate farts, you can’t sneak them in class. At least he owned up to his fart, that takes some balls. She isn’t all that gassy, so I hardly ever hear them, but when she does, they stink up the house.

    I can honestly say I have only gotten the poo finger once or twice in my life. You should have taken a picture of the poo, it could have been a world record!

    When I closed at my old jobs, I’d go grocery shopping at like 1 in the morning too. It was just convenient to go then instead of before work. I have never heard about tipping a bagger, ever. If it is a thing, then no one has informed me of it.

    No pubes is the best pubes. I have been asking that for years now. I go through one roll at the rate she goes through 5. I did the test 3 different times, and everytime I finishe one roll and she finished 4 to 5. Ghost poos are awesome, the closest you can get to a no wiper, but since you never know, you gotta check once. I get those often, I feel like I just pushed a train car out my ass, and then I look and there is only a little bird egg, its disappointing.

    I may steal that name as a pickup line, if you guys allow for it! Duke Ludwig Von Gigglefist. Sounds like a very prominent sexual master lol.

    The sound problems were very small, so it didn’t detract at all from the episode, which was extremely hilarious!

  2. Casey says:

    If you do infiltrate the ICP, make sure to ink yourself up with some Hootie. It’ll keep you safe.

    We brought my wife to the Blazing Saddle, a gay bar in Des Moines. I had more drinks bought for me than the birthday girl did. Even with her sitting on my lap and holding my hand, we had a gal come up and flat out ask, “Hey, a couple of my friends over there are wondering… Are you gay?” Good times. Future reference, don’t wear a tight plaid button-up to gay bars anymore.

    My go-to is, I gotta take the browns to the super bowl. Close second is, gotta drop Obama off at the white house.

    You know you’re in for a treat when the story starts out with “So one night we’re at wal mart, and…”

  3. Eric says:

    Sound quality is a little rough in this one, wasn’t monitering the levels like I should have been, but give it a chance, a lot of good stuff in there.

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