Tolerable Nausea 050: 6 Month Roofie

In this episode of Tolerable Nausea, the guys have high hopes for episode 50, but come out sounding like grumpy old men. Listen in as the guys rage about selfies, Facebook, regrettable hookups and middle age masturbation. Russell wonders about animal instincts. Eric sees some irony in a dog attack. Toby relies on his fungus. And Woody has a plan.

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  1. Aleece says:

    I have a German Shepherd she is my third one all big babies till they don’t know you and don’t trust you. If my dog doesn’t like you, you are not welcome at my home. They have only not wanted 2 people to in my home. My mom’s husband and my biological father. After coaxing they let Rob in but my newest tried to charge and attack my the other one.

    Congrats on the big 50

  2. JP says:


    I think I was in 5th or 6th grade when 69 had some sort of relevance to me. No, no 69 with guy on top, but I’d give it a try if I weighed less. Guy on bottom is pretty much the standard, I’ve also done side by side which wasn’t too bad either.

    I haven’t seen a commercial in ages, no cable, and adblock for my computer. The only place I see ads is on my phone. I watched Cool World as a kid once, then I watched again like a year ago and I am surprised my parents let me watch it. Lois is pretty sexy for a cartoon. I never saw True Lies, but I have heard about that seen dozens of times, I really need to check it out apparantly. Is a puppet giving you a blowjob also a hand job?

    They must be lame ladies to not find all of that humorous! What girl has never used a toy? Every girl I talk to has used one at least once. Food is a big no, I would never be able to eat that kind of food again. I used whipped cream once, it was way to sticky to enjoy, same thing with chocolate. I wouldn’t mind something like fruits though.

    I would’ve told people pretty quickly if I fucked one of my teachers, unless she was old or nasty in some way. I don’t make much, but I have always wondered what I would do with myself if I made even 30,000 a year. I mean I’m not doing great, but I definitely am living fairly decently for what I make, I can’t even imagine what I could do with that much more money every month. Can a dick really be that mean? I haven’t heard mine be that mean, or abusive, mine is pretty nice and quiet 😛

    I don’t believe I have ever taken a selfie, I don’t mind them as the person taking them only does so very infrequently. April was relocated to after May, and Russ is just ahead of the time since it doesn’t take effect until next year! Safety, bullets, don’t point it at yourself, all kinds of ways to not be dumb about that selfie to not kill yourself.

    I don’t doubt a death toll was involved, people go crazy without their facebook, someone would have definitely shot someone. Why would you call the police? They aren’t the internet, they aren’t facebook. Wow society is stupid, it makes me depressed. If youporn went down, that is an emergency, people will die and it may be the start of anarchy! I have a few dvds that I have had since I was younger, and I do have a few gigs of internet saved to my computer.

    I’d get a pedicure/manicure if I was offered the chance, I’d have to go with someone though. That sounds like a great pick up line, try it at a bar and I bet you would get a few offers.

    I feel indifferent about kickstarter, it really depends on what it is for. This instance was really stupid in my opinion, people just acting like sheep to donate for no reason even though he has thousands of dollars he didn’t need. I find it funny though, just stupid as well. I’d give you some money for shirts, Definitely for a signed one, I’d frame it and hang it with my other prized collections.

    Well this felt like a downer for dick news, until you got to the dogs name, made me laugh. Sucks for the daughter and the genitals, but I couldn’t help but laugh. My dog of choice is a welsh corgi, or a jack russel terrier, smaller dogs that are very intelligent. I don’t blame you for kicking the dog, he bites my pants we are no longer buds. My nuts get ripped off, I want big nuts, and I want them to be hefty.

    That is the first time I have heard a girl want hairy nuts over a shaved sack. Gobbling, gargling nuts.

    Happy 50th episode guys! Can’t wait for the next 50! <3

  3. Casey says:

    Happy 50th, guys! Here’s to 50 more!

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