Tolerable Nausea 049: Genetic Lottery

In this episode of Tolerable Nausea the guys discuss a few of the ways the world is out to get you. Come listen to the guys, and a gal, weigh in on Ebola, the gathering of the Juggalos and rough sex. Toby fights for his turn on the tire swing. Woody proves that the beach isn’t safe anymore. Eric believes that the world is coming to an end. And Russell ponders the possibility of being ‘Tranny Tricked’.

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  1. Aleece says:

    In preschool or kindergarten I was crawling across the top of the monkey bars and a boy pushed me off. I grabbed a stick and stabbed him in the nuts. I also crushed James -from Wendy’s- nuts because he wrapped his arms around me from behind and wouldn’t let go after I warned him 3 times.
    I use to warn men that if they piss me off I may kick them in the nuts.
    They say you go through 52 units of pain in child birth but 42 units is suppose to kill you.
    Woody got double fisted punched in the nuts by my little cousin. He hit Woody while Woody was holding my little sister.
    The only time I used my phone while having sex my hubby and I had someone baby sitting who called. We both froze thinking our little one was hurt.
    I like some ICP songs usually when I am pissed off and want to stay pissed.
    The Kardashian really didn’t get good genetics they have nice big butts and that is it they are not pretty people.
    If I brought a dude home and he turned out to be a woman I would still be good with that. If it was good I may see her/ him again.

  2. JP says:

    Even if a girl did that to me, I’d still do her just because I haven’t gotten attention like that before and it would make me feel good to think a girl wanted my genitals! I don’t imagine it’s quite the same as a ball shot, but I think that if you got hit hard enough in the pelvic bone it would still be immense pain, just not nut shot painful.

    Sex is pretty much an all day thought for me, every day. There are very few times that I am not thinking about sex in some way or another.

    If a woman does anything with her phone while she is having sex, there is something majorly wrong!

    Juggalette is the woman version of a juggalo. Their music is so bad that it’s just entertaining to listen to it, I can listen to a bit at a time but it’s just not good. But the fan base is just awful, I have met some people who call themselves juggalos/ettes and they were just way too much. One person I saw got a home tatto that said juggalette and it just looked like someone wrote in with a sharpie and then rubbed their skin raw with sandpaper. But I know that there are some out there that aren’t terrible people but it doesn’t help that the majority are the stereotype.

    Bouncing pecs is something I would do by myself to see if I could do it, but never to impress anyone, I’d feel like an idiot if someone saw me doing it. I am genuinely curious on how you get someones boobs to bounce without touching them for $1.

    If they offer the money first, I might take it, maybe even lower it for them because that is a lot of money. But I wouldn’t ask for money to save lives.

    Why would Satan choose that specific little girl instead of having a demon do it instead? Depending on the age of the girl, I can see it being her, or a relative of some sort. I think it’s rather humorous that the priest would believe what is happening is actually satan. Do you guys know much about the anti-christ? I think it’d be cool to hear something on that, maybe if I make it back soon, we can discuss it in a podcast.

    It’d be awesome to do a different dick news intro song everytime like that! DEATH METAL DICK NEWS! I wouldn’t want to enlarge because if they botch it at all, there goes my dick :( They can also go and cut a tendon that attaches the back most portion of you dick to your pelvis which lengthens it by 1 to 2 inches. Russel is 18 inches….around. I’ve seen some rather large ones when looking up porn, very interesting to look at. There are some very convincing trans online that may trick will trick you until you realize they have a big ol’ wang. A lot of people say it’s hard to tell if they had the surgery but I feel like it’d be pretty easy to notice if you know how everything is supposed to go down there, plus I don’t think that if they get a surgery to get a vagina, they can self lubricate, so you will have to use your own lube, which would be a huge tipoff if you didn’t want any of that.

    <3 you guys!

  3. Casey says:

    I vote you hang on to the Death Metal Dick News.

    “Man, can you imagine Satan’s roaming charges?”

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