Tolerable Nausea 048: Cl*torific

In this episode of Tolerable Nausea the guys get off to a slow start, but turn it around before it’s too late. Listen to the guys delve deep into poor lady hygiene, passive aggressive behavior, smokers vs. the obese and defending yourself from wild animals. Then witness the manliest ending in the history of Tolerable Nausea. And Russell reveals his crazy side.

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  1. Aleece says:

    Strange is right!!
    The woman with the sex toy “stuck” is bad but I saw an episode of untold stories of the ER, where a guy makes his own sex toys. He stuck what I think they said was a 10 inch dildo in his ass, he had to surgically get it to remove.
    I know this is partially my fault – I did learn this from Woody I’m sure- but my 5 year old daughter knows what the fuck a line is. I had to stop her from making a smart ass passive aggressive comment to someone who pulled that shit at Wal-Mart here. She has also yelled at someone who didn’t use there blinker.
    It is your business for your body. But I also know that there are a few – very few- people out there could have gotten a disease that then causes them to have additional struggles with weight loss.
    Large cats are actually known to kill anything that is a great opportunity just to make sure it has a future meal, but the big cats that are native to America generally avoid humans unless they are sick or starving.

  2. JP says:

    I have never looked it up, but when I was really young it did come up once when I was searching for “naked girls” and it scarred me for life, from then on I though XXX meant girls and horses :/

    I don’t think that counts as a virginity story, there were no saucy details! Maybe she should tell a more exciting sex story to make up for it.

    I’d attempt to fight but don’t think it’s gonna do much to stop it from eating me. I feel like I have heard about that Eric. I have seen previews for that movie, looked very interesting.

    More banter on Dawns snatch would be great for future episodes, it was very entertaining!

    Unless she was incredibly loose, I feel like you would notice a silicone penis inside of you for that long, especially if it was a dildo that included the balls. Didn’t remember if she took it out or not? Why wouldn’t you check just to be sure??

    Milking the prostate is instananeous. Not a fan of butt stuff myself but I would if she wanted it.

    I actually haven’t ever experienced that in any register line that I can recall, but I have seen it happen in other lines. Would set off some rage mode in me as well if it happened to me, and I definitely would have done some passive aggressive shit to get back at them.

    I would have said that cigarrettes were the leading cause followed very closely by obesity. (Those fancy soda machines are freaking crazy, I have always wondered how they do the syrup for so many sodas) I defninitely agree that they should do that kind of video for obesity too, I also feel that everyone should have to watch the videos, smoker/obese or not.

    I get itchy buttholes not attributed to lack of wiping but due to the extremely spicy food I tend to eat causing me to poop molten lava, which in turn itches later. Don’t eat habaneros if you aren’t ready to feel fire shoot out of your butt.

    I’d buy a t-shirt from you guys, and wear it everywhere and force people to listen to you! Yea that is correct, it’s Florida Georgia Line. Not a fan of country so I wouldn’t want to go, but if someone wanted me to, I might. Isn’t etiquette to only do one encore?? I’m usually content with even a one song encore.

    If you have to purchase the app in order to pay to play/win then the app is complete shit and the only reason it is making money is because of stupid ass people who think they have expendable money that they don’t have.

    Man, this word is just making me so curious as to both what it is, and why it causes so much rage in Russ.

    Definitely want to come back and do another one with you guys!

    • Eric says:

      Lewis! Haven’t heard from you in a while, was starting to get worried you didn’t like us anymore. But, you should get a hold of us, I have some ideas for the next time you are on the show.

  3. Casey says:

    But now the listeners must know: What was the word?

  4. Casey says:

    Vincent Damon Furnier, by the way, is Alice Cooper’s real name.

  5. Casey says:

    I definitely want one of those T-shirts, if it ever happens. I would also definitely love to be on the podcast, eventually.

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