Tolerable Nausea 047: A Passive Takeover

In this episode of Tolerable Nausea the ladies take a shot at controlling the conversation, and then quickly lose control. Listen in as they talk about jealous lovers, desirable qualities in the opposite sex and celebrity crushes. Toby holds a missionary position. Eric crosses some lines. And Woody and Russell go head to head in a new Douche vs. Douche.

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  1. Aleece says:

    Thanks guys for putting the image of my aunt and mother fucking in my thanks.
    I suck at spelling and I know my grammar is horrible but the people who have nearly zero grammar skills drive me insane.
    I am with Russ when it comes to stalking I liked a guy and sort of stocked him but never called him just drove by his house every so often.

  2. Casey says:

    Celebrity crush? Christina Hendricks. No question about that.

  3. JP Tapia says:

    Eric, what if you son was dating Toby’s daughter, so you’d be fucking your best friends daughter/your sons girlfriend!

  4. JP says:

    Yes there are things to improve size, girth, and stamina. It’s called PE which I assume is an acronym for penile excersizes.

    I call dibs on this chick, she sounds like exactly what I’m looking for! I have never had a stalker like that :( I have never stalked either, though I could be wrong and somone thought my friendliness was stalking.

    A two syllable fine “fye-ehn” or something like that. What constitutes as semi-attractive? That is a very loose terms. What I look for in a girl, is they have to be Emma Watson. I wanna jump on the height train, I’m 5’7. Spiking it over the net, if the vagina is the net, and you are in doggie style then yes, it is code for anal.

    Butts are fantastic Eric, they are my thing too.

    I refuse to poop in port-a-potties, I hate the smell of others poop. I definitely would be willing to fish it out, but I wouldn’t jump into poop for a phone.

    Diamond encrusted poop would sell like hot cakes to rappers and ganster wannabes, that is a business you need to start.

    Please rent an boobie bouncy castle and invite me! I will even pay for half of the rental fee!

    I saw that article about the sleeping guy a while ago, that is so stupid. But I can bet that he at least got some form of compensation because he is a douche. Wow Eric, that was an epically terrible statement, never stop those. I vote for Russels douche though, because it involved the death of a child. Why only 2nd degree? Should be life, she willingly took a life of an infant. Plus terrible grammar makes it a total win. Though I will give Woody’s guy an honorable opponent because if Russels didn’t contain death, I can imagine he would have one for me then.

    Duct Tape, because I can handle that pain, I can’t handle sharp pain/cuts. Hell I’ve been waxed before so I think I can handle it 😉

    Childs 18 year old best friend, because I don’t lose my best friend then. And My child can only hate me for so long. No, your daughter is a lesbian, and you fuck her girlfriend! I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations that ensued after this question

    Well if the corpse doesn’t smell like rotting body, then Probably the corpse, otherwise I go with the bear.

    I would be okay with either, but I’d go with the sex with the boss since even though I can’t get it up, I’d still be able to do other things with her.

    I have way to many crazy dreams to keep track of, usually every night.

    Gotta say my one and only celebrity crush is Emma Watson

    So is the 50th episode thing going down? Because I would request off days at work just to come down and be apart of it!

    And I missed you guys, its been two weeks, but I’m glad you got something up! Please keep it up! <3

    • Russ says:

      Thanks as always for commenting, JP. I’m not sure who has the details on ep. 50, or if there are even any “official” details to have, but I know that the episide you joined us for is still one of my favorites so I would have no problem with you being on 50, but those decisions are above my pay grade.

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