Tolerable Nausea 046: One Track Minds

In this episode of Tolerable Nausea the guys are joined by two unexplainably silent guests. Listen in as they muse about massage parlor etiquette, nudist colonies, and the structural integrity of your sexy parts. Russell finds a confusing advertisement. Woody tells us about his first time. Toby reflects on picking the wrong end. And Eric fights a naked man.

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  1. Casey says:

    Yaaaay, I got a shoutout! 😀

  2. JP says:

    I think that does make sense, but I feel like people who habitually lie to people to have sex may feel less self worth since they are not even being themselves to get laid, and instead portraying a personality. I also feel like possibly women who leave with the asshole who treats them like shit might cause them to feel less self worth if he continues to put them down.

    I have watched porn with partners before, though one time was a very weird and totally scarred me for life.

    Girth should always be more sought after than length. Seven around and seven long, thats what you need. Who hasn’t measured their dick at least once in their life? Its pretty much mandatory for every guy to do at some point in their life.

    Well if it feels good then it seems like a great idea to have semen extractors, but if it doesn’t feel good then fuck it, I don’t want pain to extract my semen, that what fleshlights are for!

    I have never balanced nor been one being balanced by anyone, I’m pretty glad that it hasn’t happened.

    Whoa! Threesome! Hook us up, we are still looking lol 😛

    Don’t worry guys, I’ll bite the bullet and go test this place in Omaha, see if it’s legit.

    I think I’d stop having sex if orgasm was painful, that would ruin my life and make me sad. I’d rather last like 60 seconds than last 30 minutes if it meant my orgasm wasn’t painful.

    Please change your last name to that Eric!

    Female pornstars make like 3 to 4 times male pornstars, but gay pornstars make like twice as much as heterosexual pornstars :( Depends on what the guy looks like depends on whether I would take that offer.

    I don’t know any bronies personally, but they range from the really creepy to the not too bad from what I see online. It shouldn’t matter if you like the show or not though, its just a show. I was bullied to an extent when I was younger, mainly picked on because apparantly I was gay. I just brushed it all off anyways because I have never given a fuck since I was younger, I don’t care what people think about me, except for my friends, family and Significant other. I do agree with Russ about going to parents, teachers, and if that does nothing then handle it yourself. I would never punish my child for standing up for themselves if the other things they did didn’t work. I’d have a hard time not beating a parent that reacted like that to me telling them about their bully of a child. Fucking law, ruining everything for us. I took tae kwon do for a few years, I believe I was a yellow/orange belt and was about to get the next up but then the guy had to stop doing it at the YMCA and when he finally got his own dojo, I never re-enrolled and stopped doing it.

    If this was anywhere near the UK, then I’d fear for all the dicks that would be lost. People would just walk right up and bite and stab and punch dicks left and right.

    I hang all my clothes, towel, and when I’m in the shower, my loofah thing is also hung on it. I have seen those guys who just pull busses with their dongs up hill, rediculous! It said they lift weight with their junk everyday and just strengthen them to god like power!

    Whats up with the ladies not sharing their virginity stories? It’s the hazing ritual to be a part of the Tolerable Nausea club! And Woody’s virginity story was quite epic!

    It’s totally not gay if your balls touch, so you can take the same end, just be sure to call shotgun on the anus! 😛

    Well I’d totally streak, just because It’d be fun, but Since farting is the safe option I’ll go with that. How attractive is the cop and how nasty are his toes? I might do it as long as there is no fungus or stink, or shit like that.

    Please invite the special guests back, and make them talk more!!

    Also this is a very scatter brained comment, so it might not make any sense. Love you guys! <3

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