Tolerable Nausea 045: A Real Ladies Man

In this episode of Tolerable Nausea the guys reveal how smooth they really are. Hear them talk about impressing the ladies, pick up lines and a special kind of injury. Woody educates the crew with some violence stats. Toby shows us that McDonalds is hard to resist. Russell suggests a possible Tolerable Nausea field trip. And Eric is drunk again.

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  1. JP says:

    I put the STD in STUD
    You remind me of my pinky toe, I’m pretty sure i’m gonna bang you on my coffe table tonight.
    Do you have a mirror in your pants? Because I see myself in them

    I feel that everyone has the right to own a gun. The only thing I have any kind of thought on is why the general public need fully automatic weapons. But beyond that, I see no reason to take guns away. This could be a huge rant on this but I will just leave it at that.

    Wow, I have never heard of a grief hawk. That is seriously the stupidest thing I have heard that people think helps with a tragedy. I did a small bit of research on Bret Michaels, and it looks like he brought in some volunteers and helped clean up the town, but did not donate any money.

    I feel like I heard a story somewhat similar to this guy, though it was either in the late 90s or early 00s. Someone stabbed this old lady in the back and she didn’t notice and walked around town all day with a knife in her back. When someone finally said something she went to the ER and it was like a quarter inch from cutting her spinal cord. Crazy shit

    That is my biggest fear, is to have her pull out too far and come down and snap it in the middle of it.

    Get caught stripping for boss since there is less chance of loss of job. Steamer, just because she might not find out till later and if the date was shitty then it’d pretty hilarious. Penis on forhead since it still means I can have sex. Swear words all the time, since I’m like that usually, other than it might be a little weird at work but I can make it work.

    This episode wasn’t that bad, just a little scattered. But I still thoroughly enjoyed it just like all the others!

    • Woody says:

      Thank you sir. sometimes we get a little over critical of ourselves. It’s habit we need to break.
      As always we appreciate your feedback. You always have something entertaining to interject.

    • Russ says:

      I have pretty strong opinions about gun control so I will refrain as well…That being said thank you for the comments. Hope I’m actually present if ya ever come on as a guest again. :)

  2. randi says:

    That it did. The sad thing is far to many celebrities really do use someone else’s tragedy to boost their image.

  3. randi says:

    Pilger and Bret Michaels : while yes it was a publicity stunt to a point. Two of Brets sister live in the area and were affected by the tornado. Residents from Pilger were very thankful for his help (from residents)( and many residents actually defended Bret when nay sayers attacked him for the publicity stunt). i also saw pics of him working weather it was a photo op or real I don’t know. I don’t know about monetary donations but he is setting up a benefit concert all proceeds going to Pilger.

    • Eric says:

      Tis I, that is the true douche bag! One thousand apologies! Had a lot of people point stuff like this out after we recorded this, but it lead to some good conversation so I left it in.

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