Tolerable Nausea 044: A Weapon of Mass Destruction

In this episode of Tolerable Nausea the guys discuss the pros and cons of Heaven, renting porn and arbitrary rules. Then wrap things up with a Douche vs. Douche. Russell learns the rules at the swimming pool. Toby tells us what he won’t eat. Eric worries about what may be in the ocean. And Woody reports on a power hunger police officer.

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  1. Casey says:

    And, remembering how Russ said he’d handle being on the “in” end of a glory hole, I think I’ll keep my opinions out of your glory hole, thank you.

  2. Casey says:

    Sorry, haven’t had a chance to listen to this podcast until today, getting all caught up!

    I really don’t have much to comment, other than to side with Russ on the DBotW contest. The good doctor may not have been strictly a rapist, maybe just putting people under to have sex with them, but he’s seriously messed up. I dunno, he’s really douchey to be exploiting helpless patients like that. I’m sorry, but I can’t really side with Woody. All of that guy’s victims are willing participants, and even if the guy knew he had AIDS, it’s equally the responsibility of the other partner to practice safe sexual encounters. Any time you have sex with someone, you assume that risk. The patients of the doctor are entirely helpless- they’re drugged, they’re vulnerable and helpless, and if you can’t trust your doctor, who the hell can you trust?

    That said, Mr. AIDS was really just speeding up the process, like Eric suggested. It’s because of guys like that, that the gay community is so stereotyped for AIDS. Even so, I’m sticking with my guns- they assumed that risk themselves, weather or not the guy told them he had AIDS.

    • Eric says:

      You said that a lot better than I ever could have. And a big ‘ol THANK YOU! I’m finally not alone on that topic.

  3. JP says:

    I agree with Russ, she had no emotion for such an emotional attachment to her crabs. I’d wear a t-shirt being a big guy myself, I’m not the most comfortable with the upper half of my body. Maybe they hate cotton and are trying to rid the world of cotton shirts. You don’t hide the fat, you keep people from having to look at it. If it wouldn’t get you kicked out, I’d say make it a thong instead of a speedo.

    I used to teach swim lessons and was in swim team for 3 years, so I can swim fairly well. I have to say I always enjoyed my female swim instructors as well.

    Frequents it would be a good phrase. I rented porn from movie gallery once, totally not worth it at all. I have also rented and bought it a lot for people since they didn’t have the balls to do it themselves.

    I’d eat a scorpion, live or dead, no stinger though, fuck that. I’m pretty sure that the venom is in the tail, the last two sections of it. No Sushi Eric? I agree with Russ completely with the puffer fish, I’d be very wary about eating it. I am also with Russ with trying anything once, except placenta. I enjoy Jim Carey, he is one of my favorite actors. I agree with Russ once again and do it Dexter style to people who deserve it, though I’d be wary about eating my favorite celebrities since after they can’t make anymore movies for me to enjoy.

    Iced tea is directly linked with trespassing, alcohol is not. People aren’t racist, so I don’t think its about race at all, cops especially aren’t racist and never profile. Alright, nevermind, Poh-lice officers always profile and are racists. Podcasting contains excessive amounts of dick, I could see you getting charged with something along those lines. Maybe podcasting without a dick license.

    First glance, I’m with the HIV guy, though Russ’ guy is quite the douche. After all the rounds It’s a very hard choice but I think Woody’s guy wins, but Russ’ guy is very close since he is using his authority to take advantage of people who have no idea what happened to them. Who wants texts of c-sections to get off?

    Don’t worry, I will have my entry submitted soon! How are you going to be judging this moose knuckle as far as quality goes??

    • Russ says:

      In regard to the cannibalism…eating George Carlin or Gandhi is a bad idea in retrospect. Jim would be fine as he is still alive, but George and Gandhi have been dead awhile. :(

      I take a “small” (nudge, nudge) amount of offense to the podcasting without a dick comment… ohh, “dick license”.

      Can’t reveal the criteria for the contest, but will after we announce the winner. Be creative. I was thinking of drawing a smiley face on my underwear to give him some personality…

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