Tolerable Nausea 043: Moose Knuckles

The guys are recording from the eye of the storm in this week’s Tolerable Nausea, and they’re ready to take Mother Nature head on. Woody takes God’s best shot. Toby meets that special someone in Heaven. Russell questions a painter’s methods.  And Eric announces Tolerable Nausea’s first competition for its listeners.

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  1. JP says:

    It’d make way more sense for storm chasers if tornadoes sucked people off, it would be totally worth it. I have seen nokias still, they are still indestructible bricks but behind on the technology. I had no Idea what moose knuckle was until today, and I’m glad I don’t see it any regular basis, though i don’t know how mine would be as I have some really low hangers that make wearing pants up high very uncomfortable. I need lots of room in my pants for my junk to be comfortable. Using your left hand can add something new or you can sit on your right hand until it’s numb and use that, and if you are really adventurous you could use your numb left hand and have a crazy night!

  2. Casey says:

    Vortex of Cock Destruction.
    I’m pretty sure there was an incredibly long list of probabilities and statistics that would have had to go against him for his story to work. Between having an erection whilst painting and happening to fall at just the right spot and and just the right angle for his junk to get stuck in a pipe, it would then have to have gotten aroused even further to the point that his penis would have gotten stuck.
    That, or he was screwing a pipe in the wall. My money’s on that one.

    Also, I call bullshit on the British recock-struction story. He wasn’t born without it, dude probably cut it off. We all know that.

    Lou Gehrig’s disease is a brain disease, and basically what it does is damage nerves, which affects physical sensation and motor skills. To my knowledge, the location of your bladder is not involved in any way.

    If your grandma was a hot, bangin’ slut in the sixties, my guess is she wouldn’t have wound up in heaven.

    I’m with Russ on the whole video surveillance thing. If I’m going to wal mart to buy light bulbs, what do I care? Is the NSA going to judge me as a bad person based on how many light bulbs I buy? If they can pre-emptively bust a meth lab because someone buys all the right things across a few days, I’m happy. If I’m not doing anything sketchy, I’m really not going to care who’s watching me in public. In all fairness, if I’m in public, I’m making it everyone’s business what I’m doing. If my neighbor Gary knows I’m going somewhere, the government can know. No skin off my nose.

    I don’t think giving negative remarks is something that’s even needed. You’ve made it 43 episodes doing what you do, and you’re all funny as hell. I’ve had to explain to my fiance on more than one occasion why I’m laughing out loud at 2am.

    And, in closing, I have a slight bit more dignity than to throw my moose knuckle out on the net for ten bucks. I don’t think so. :)

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