Tolerable Nausea 041: 20 Items Or Less

In this episode of Tolerable Nausea the guys discuss what gets under their skin and what it would take to keep Toby motivated. Russell realizes the darker side of using coupons. Eric just wants to go through your underwear drawer. Toby gets a food boner. And Woody critiques a peeping tom’s methods.

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  1. Aleece says:

    I’m a hunter, deer mostly but god it tastes great. I use to go dove hunting with woody and the family (to young to shoot so they made me go get the birds) I was somewhere between 8 and 10 and I would brake the neck of the birds not quite dead yet. Yeah cleaning them was a part I would watch till the smell hit then I was gone.

    You guys complain about Walmart in McCook but I use to hang out with my friends there at night to fuck with people. No way in Hell would I ever do that Here in Dodge to many crazy Mexicans. Yeah I have made several friends who are Mexican but even they won’t go to walmart at night here unless they have to and even then they won’t go alone. Not to mention here we have self checkouts no such thing as a line when it comes to those things here, and when you do go to the quick lane you got some dumb wetback acting like he can’t read the sign. Hay asshole it says the same shit in Spanish.

  2. JP says:


  3. JP says:

    I will have to agree if you are vegan, don’t go to a restaurant. At Old Chicago (where I kind of work sometimes), we use utensils and pans over and over again, same pan for spaghetti every time, so if you order a spaghetti with marinara instead of meat sauce, it will usually go in the same pan, and the tongs used to stir it up are the same ones we use to grab meatballs. Pizza cutters used to cut Meat pizzas are used on all other pizzas as well. You can’t trust that there won’t be some small amount of meat or product you don’t want in it because you didn’t watch them make it. I have no problem with vegans and vegitarians, as long as they don’t make assumptions that we will always go out of our way just for them. And I sure would love to come join you guys for the 50th episode! I imagine Tristia would like to come if you would have her back as well!

    • Eric says:

      We are still trying to hammer out the details as far as who we are going to have on mic, the game, and maybe even where we are going to do it, but we’ll let you know as soon as we have it all figured out. Hopefully by this weekend.

  4. theFritz says:

    20 items or less — my general rule it’s if you have a cart, you don’t belong in the quick lane. It takes too much room in the line, and if you only have a few items you don’t even need a cart to begin with. Hasn’t anyone heard of using the shopping “basket” for quick trips?

    • Russ says:

      I just had the same thought today. (while in WalMart, go figure) Weird. They should change the sign to “No Carts Allowed” Total agreement here.

      • Woody says:

        What if you were buying six cases of pop would a cart be acceptable then?

        • Russ says:

          Yeah, but with that big ass cart ya better stroll yer happy ass over to the regular checkers or stop buying so much gaddamned pop at one time. :)

  5. Casey says:

    Also, Godzilla might stand more of a chance than Russ, Woody and Toby seem to think. Sure, physics. I’m thinking with that thick of armor scales, his huge size and sheer badassness and his destructive capability, he might be taken down eventually… But after he’s done how much damage? How the hell are they going to clean up and dispose of that big of a carcass once he’s taken down?
    Also, keep in mind, there aren’t just 4 elite military squads on standby, rail cannons primed, cruise missiles loaded and harriers loaded for bear… In the time it takes for a sizable force to get ready and take him down, how much of the city is still standing? Who, then, truly wins?
    That’s right. Godzilla.

    • Russ says:

      Disposing of the body is simple. Godzillaburgers for about 3 years instead of beef ought to do the trick. That and it would further establish the fact that we are, in fact, at the top of the food chain, even when you add a Godzilla link in there.
      Yeah, I never thought that we could take him out before he causes any real damage. He might even be able to take out a couple of coastal cities before we could react, especially with the element of surprise. You would have to have the necessary force stationed at every city that is next to the sea, or have some way of tracking him in the water, which I’m sure we have, but the first few cities are toast, cause we would not be expecting the first attack, and would have to formulate a strategy for the rest. But once we have a plan, and a way to track him, In my humble opinion, he’s a gonner.

  6. Casey says:

    Vegetarians actually get a crap ton of the nutrients that most meat eaters think they’re missing out on from tofu, and nearly all vegetables, beans, grains, nuts, and seeds contain some protein. As long as they aren’t just eating fruits and sugars, they’re pretty much going to be fine.
    That said, it’s a pain in the ass to cater to vegetarians, and it’s extremely rude of them to expect everyone to bend over backward for them.
    I kind of take Eric’s view on the idea to have to go kill something and eat it. I think it IS important for people to realize exactly what they’re eating, that they’re taking a life to fuel theirs. And yes, killing and preparing chickens is absolutely putrid-smelling.

    Wal Mart’s worst aisle- by far- is the one with light bulbs. Granted, there’s 400 billion different brightness, sizes, there’s curly ones, long ones, flood lights- but for God’s sake, this aisle isn’t the time to decide which rooms of your house need new lights, and try to remember what size, wattage, whatever you need. Don’t get on the damn phone, call up your kid and try to get them to figure out what light bulb you need.

    McCook isn’t the only Casey’s that has that jackass lottery guy. We’ve got one. He’s a special kind of dirt bag- he lives off disability, he and his wife share 1 vehicle, and he makes his wife walk 40 blocks to wal mart while he uses the car to make his rounds to all the goddamn places that sell lottery tickets, easily spends 200 bucks a pop every time he comes in to our store. Asshole does the “go ahead of me, I gotta scratch this ticket 3 feet away from the counter so I can quick jump in to have you check this ticket because I don’t believe your machine” dance.

    If I had a woman peeping at me naked, I’m not quite sure how I’d react. As long as she didn’t catch me mid-helicopter, I’m not necessarily ashamed, but it’s the principle of the thing. Skinny people can be self-conscious as well as big people. I lost it when Russ said “She’d probably press charges.”

    • Russ says:

      I always like to read and appreciate the posts you make on the website, Casey. Thank you. I wasn’t thinking about nuts and seeds, and despite the fact that I was so intrigued by it a few podcasts ago, tofu obviously wasn’t on my radar either. To give credit where credit is due, I think Toby was the one who said “she would press charges”. You may not have heard him because, like the jackass I am, I was probably talking over him, and then just repeated what he said.

  7. Russ says:

    And I also can’t spell aparently,,,aparently.

  8. Russ says:

    Aparantly I’m the first and only user of a brand new social media called “textbook”. Wtfuck is textbook?

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