Tolerable Nausea 039: A Ten Year Phase

Russell is back, and the guys are back at it in this news article heavy edition of Tolerable Nausea. It’s an episode full of turtle love, youth experimentation, foreskin and a lesson in supply and demand. Oh, and Russell fights off a Succubus.

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  1. Aleece says:

    Cannibalism is the nonconsensual consumption of another human’s body matter. In the United States, there are no laws against cannibalism per se, but the act of cannibalism would probably violate laws against murder and against desecration of corpses.
    What I find disturbing about this is it says nonconsensual so what if someone agrees that you can eat some of them then it isn’t considered cannibalism. Just something to think about.

  2. JP says:

    Sorry I haven’t commented in a while, haven’t gotten a chance to listen in a while! While I haven’t masturbated in public myself, I remember some girls in high school talking about a guy in a class who would rub his junk through his jeans while he thought no one was looking, and if you caught him we would play it off as drumming on his lap

  3. Casey says:

    Shady street placenta dealers, offering up go-juice. One bump of this and you’re unstoppable.

  4. Russ says:

    If placenta actually did let me bench 500lbs. I might have some cooked up and have it on me at all times. You know, just in case I have to lift a car off of someone or something. Kinda like spinach for Popeye. I’d only use it under the most dire of circumstances though.

  5. Casey says:

    The “All I wanna Do” song mentioned early on by Russ is also covered by Halestorm. I prefer their version to Heart’s, any day.

    The placenta, technically, isn’t a part of the human body. I guess. I don’t know, it’s never something physically part of you, right? Never attached to you? I don’t know. I don’t consider it cannibalism, but I do consider it outside my adventurous nature to try eating. I don’t care if it lets me bench 500, I’m kinda with Russ. Even if it isn’t technically PART of a human body, it still came from one.

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