Tolerable Nausea 021: Futuristic Technology

In this episode of Tolerable Nausea the guys discuss Advanced and Futuristic Technology. Russell invents some new words. Eric learns the true wrath of deer. And Toby eats cookies like he makes love.

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  1. Shannoa says:

    Thats a pretty cool fact about animal crackers! And cherry filled animal crackers sounds delicious. Except..could you do strawberry? If Amazon ships stuff by drones..that would be amazing for us military folk overseas. During the holidays, everyone on base is trying to order stuff for their families, people back home is trying send shit and we never get anything on time! Stuff gets lost, or gets stuck on a boat and then it takes 6 months.. Ugh! I would love that. I literally make an order on amazon every day. Not even exaggerating.
    I think I would laugh at someone walking around with a cassette player, or shit even a cd player. Tom and I were just talking about that. I feel like buying CDs is such a waste of money anymore. I mean, realistically most people only like 2-4 songs per album..unless you are a music junky like me and love every song hahaha but yea buying CDs is dumb, and the people are that not ready to make that “jump” are throwing money away. Just my opinion.
    You guys talk like its a bad thing that the military gets shit first. You fuckers be thankful. Don’t argue. Just be thankful.
    A sex toy that Tom and I can use while he is away? He could be sitting in the desert and me laying in bed and still have our fun. FUCKING AWWWEEESOOOMMMEEE. That right there is an award winning invention.
    Yikes.. anything to do with space scares the shit out of me. The thought of living somewhere out there, or someone coming here. That shit will keep me up at night.
    Increasing your life is lame. There is already tooooooo many people on our earth. Take it from me who is living in a god damn sardine can. That is a dumb idea. We shouldn’t fuck with the circle of life. Russ thinks he’s got it all figured out. This is one of those pod casts where i reallllllly wish I was there.
    Wouldn’t you be scared of a real life Spiderman, Eric? Cus if I recall, you are a little bitch when it comes to spiders.
    I just don’t understand what is wrong with us now? Why do we have to fuck with everything and try to change ourselves to make us live longer, or a new species..blah blah blah. I don’t get it. Artificial intelligence..robots..internet.. all that stuff just scares me and I feel like its completely unnecessary. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love internet! but why take it further than surfing the net, downloading music, movies, books and shopping?
    Careful Russ..getting Eric on the subject of religion..morality..right and wrong.. thats enough to start an actual argument. He’s kinda cold hearted. Sounds like Russ is pretty cold hearted too. You know, there is good people out there. Believe it or not. There are rich people that have good hearts. You and Eric are some of the most cold hearted, and unjustifiably angry guys I have ever met. But hey.. doesn’t make me like you guys any less! haha Just please..cheer up.
    Solar flares are so scary =[ Like I said before, anything to do with space and shit is too serious..way too scary for me.
    I have locked my keys in the trunk. I bet it was a mom? Maybe I am wrong. But since I became a mom I am in and out of the trunk more than ever..groceries, diaper bags, strollers..and also since becoming a mom I am more stressed out, and mush minded than I could have ever imagined. I totally understand.

    Good facts to close it with. Good pod cast. One of my absolute favorites. Also, Challenge Accepted.

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