Tolerable Nausea 019: Habits and Addictions

In this episode the guy discuss habits and addictions; the good, the bad and the ugly. Russell lets it all hang out. Toby wants your anus to be safe. And Eric is willing to go the distance for more reviews.

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  1. JP says:

    I agree with Toby, no lube or lotion ever, just go plain dry

  2. Shannoa says:

    Ah I miss you more. Promise. Hope Fridays are getting easier! ;-]

  3. Shannoa says:

    You guys are some weird bastards..

    Addicted to working out? husband. Its ridiculous. Its his second home..
    I can totally see where that chick is addicted to body mod. I absolutely LOVE the feeling of needles. Have since I was little. I may have been the only child that counted down the days to shots, and getting blood drawn. I would get a million piercings if I could, but I dont want to look like an asshat. So.. I deal. I used to stab my hands with needles when I was younger. Not self mutilation style, not because I hated myself, not because I was some hipster looking for attention..strictly because I love needles. There is a secret for ya.

    Another good podcast. Never dull.

    • Toby says:

      Thanks special guest!!! Miss ya buddy

    • Russ says:

      We’re not any weirder than most. Just more honest and open about it. As for loving needles, I just tolerate them. After my surgery I just look at the whole situation differently. Rows and columns of needle pokes in various places. Six IVs at once and a cathader (spelling?). Yet I did get into the self mutilation in my dark years, and yes, I wasn’t and still am not my biggest fan. I remember one night I stuck a needle in my arm to the bone. That was a weird feeling.

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