Archive for September 30, 2013

Tolerable Nausea 009: Zombies!

The episode where the guys, and one lady, discuss zombies and their plans to survive an apocalyptic wasteland. An episode full of the undead, panty raids, moral decisions and an unwavering insensitivity to the handicapped.

Tolerable Nausea 008: Keeping Current

In this episode our heroes try to keep current with what is going on in the world. Toby hosts. Eric gets a nickname. Shannoa sees what cannot be unseen. And Russell gets punched in the face……, repeatedly.

Tolerable Nausea 007: UFOs

The episode where our heroes want to believe, but don’t have the attention span. They cure world hunger, discuss whether it’s better to be rich or have lots of sex, and meet Batman at an orgy.

Tolerable Nausea 006: Law Abiding Citizens

Listen in as the guys reminisce about their former lives as criminal masterminds. Toby starts a gang. Russell shows the cops who the alpha male really is. And Eric’s editing skills are put to the test.

Tolerable Nausea 005: Urban Legends

The episode where our heroes walk on the creepy side of urban legends. Then respond with mixed emotions to their first email to the show.