Tolerable Nausea 001: Phobias

The one in which our heroes’ discussion of fears and phobias turns into a willingness for torture. And also, anal beads.


Watch the bravest man alive as he goes about a normal day at work.


  1. JP says:

    So talking about the tower climbers, I work a H&R Block, and I did the taxes of a tower climber yesterday, and he definitely seemed to enjoy it, and looked like we was very well compensated for it. Just thought it was crazy that I got him right after listening to this episode yesterday!

  2. Russ says:

    Anonymous was me

  3. Gigglefist says:

    Where’s number 2?

  4. OMNI says:

    10 minutes in Russ get his shit off his chest. What are you guys making a porn? Also you don’t have to worry about getting fired, your gonna be rich from all the podcast money your making who needs a job? Podcast #1 was awesome keep it up!

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