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Tolerable Nausea 004: Tattoos

The episode where our heroes try to discuss tattoos, but get easily distracted. Russell passes the torch, and Toby is more than willing to step up to the challenge.

Tolerable Nausea 003: Winning the Lottery

Toby’s back on this new episode of Tolerable Nausea, and we’ve won the lottery. Listen and find out how our heroes will blow their winnings. And a special guest co-host.

Tolerable Nausea 002: Conspiracy Theories

Toby is away becoming a daddy for the first time. Russell and Eric try to make sense of the world’s conspiracy theories, and get lost in a metaphor.

Tolerable Nausea 001: Phobias

The one in which our heroes’ discussion of fears and phobias turns into a willingness for torture. And also, anal beads.


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